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About Us

We are the manufacturer of various Automobile Spare Parts for Saudi Arabian after market segment. We are mainly having our manufacturing tie-ups with Malaysian quality manufacturer for last 10+ years. We are covering a big range of Car brands being used in Saudi society for last decade in category of Brake pads mainly.  Our other products are engine belts, Parking brakes etc. We have recently launched our Premium Quality production from Malaysia.

The UKE Premium Brakes are meant to achieve the best of customer satisfaction with a long life and lowest eating of hobs unlike many other aftermarket brands. 

We are almost under final execution stage for our 1st manufacturing unit for UKE Premium Brakes in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia very soon.

About United Kawader Group

UKE is a brand initiative of United Kawader Group, which was founded in 2004 in Taif city of Saudi Arabia. The decades of experience in several fields including Vehicle service and UKE is a brand initiative of United Kawader Group, which was founded in 2004 in Taif city of Saudi Arabia. The decades of experience in several fields including Vehicle service and maintenance segment to Spare parts manufacturing and selling, Interior decoration to Building contracting, UKE has become a very well-known name in Western zone of Saudi Arabia. The foundation was a breakthrough for the myths of Saudi Arabian Automobile market that only OEMs can deliver quality services and genuine spare parts. That time was a golden zone for American second car imports, but due to non-availability of services by Company branches, after imports only the local workshops were the options to customer of those cars. United Kawader emerged as a hope in the city for services and spare parts provider for those American second import cars. We were the first to provide advance computer programming and diagnosis services in the city of Taif on that time.

Further we became one of the most wide and qualitative range of parts provider for Aftermarket segment not only in city but also, we covered Jeddah, Mecca, Madeena and some of Riyadh areas too. 

The founder

The UKE was an establishment by a techno savvy Professor of Saudi Arabian Technical College in Taif. Founder, Mr. A.H. Marghalani was well known figure among technical education department that time. It must be noted that it was not an era of such big advanced technologies like today, So the kingdom needed such path breaker minds, thus they welcomed them with open arms too. Mr. Marghalani started Kawader Auto Service Center in Industrial area of Taif with a broad vision of prospects of Aftermarket Auto mobile industry in country.


UKE Auto Parts & Premium Brakes

Although UKE is a group of multiple services and products but after years of manufacturing in Malaysia, China, India etc and importing with a guarantee trademark of UKE Genuine quality, we found ourselves well experienced to deliver the best of friction products to Saudi aftermarket segment, which is planned to be manufactured in Kingdom in coming years by UKE itself.


We focused on high quality and low-cost production and to import only Genuine products to encourage our customers to buy UKE with confidence and by God’s grace we succeeded to achieve more than 200,000 satisfied customers of UKE Brakes only in Saudi Arabia.

Our brakes are completely Asbestos free and comply with SASO & ISO quality standards. Our friction products also compete the OEM made products in terms of quality delivery. UKE Premium brakes are soundless and dust free (results as per standards) and comes with a unique UKE Replacement guarantee up to 15000 KMs on road or 6 months of use after fixed.

Our Vision

Our futuristic plans are almost parallel to The King’s vision 2030, which consists of launching our Ceramic brakes and establish our own House of production in Kingdom itself, soon in coming years, as said above. This will help market to generate more employments for Saudi young bloods and it will empower our country by manufacturing and exporting the best quality friction products to nearby countries too, what still we import in a bulky quantity of about 10 Million sets per year.