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Cressida Brake Rear 90-96

Cressida Brake Rear 90-96
Cressida Brake Rear 90-96
Cressida Brake Rear 90-96
Cressida Brake Rear 90-96
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Cressida Brake Rear 90-96
Cressida Brake Rear 90-96
Cressida Brake Rear 90-96
Cressida Brake Rear 90-96
Cressida Brake Rear 90-96
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  • UKE Code: UKEMTYBR019
  • Weight: 0.91kg
  • Dimensions: 125.40mm x 42.40mm x 14.70mm
  • OEM No.: 04466-22090
  • Pieces per set: 4
  • Made In: Malaysia
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Toyota- Cressida Brake Rear 90-96 

OEM- 04466-22090 / UKEMTYBR019 

UKE Brakes- Quality & Guarantee 

  • Long Life of Rotors- Due to very low abrasive materials in compound, UKE brakes are very friendly to your rotor discs. 
  •          High Friction Co-efficient- UKE Special formulation provides very high friction co-efficiency.
  •          Low Noise- Apart from best quality friction material, smooth and good quality shims also supports to give you a smooth and soundless ride.
  •          Low Dust- UKE brake’s compound generates a very low dust which ensures your rims always clean.
  •          Asbestos Free- We care environment and use eco-friendly materials to ensure no health hazards.
  •          Excellent Pedal Feel- UKE Premium Brakes give you a perfect and smooth pedal feel even on a long and hot condition drive.
  • ·        Effective Manufacturing Process- UKE’s each brake pad goes under individual testing and selection processes which ensures to provide best performance of each and every brake for particular vehicle type.
  • Top Class Grip- UKE Brake Pads operate with excellent grip performance across all temperatures regardless either its very hot or cold.

UKE Premium Brakes are parts of UKE Autoparts – Saudi ArabiaThe UKE Premium Brakes are specially manufactured to provide best performance in various temperature and physical conditions. Our products are made in Malaysia by the specialists in world class friction manufacturing.

UKE Manufacturing units have obtained MS ISO 9001 quality management system awards and received the Golden Bull Award 2011, the award that recognizes Malaysia 100 outstanding SMEs. In 2015, our production partners have successfully earned the SIRIM product certification MS 1164: 2005 as well as world recognized E-Mark certification (E11).

To ensure our customer satisfaction and relaxed experience we provide UKE’s Unique Guarantee* policy of replacement under specific circumstances of quality and performance failures.

Technical Info
Made in Malaysia
Model Yrs. 1990 - 1996
OEM Code 04466-22090
Description Toyota- Cressida /Brake Rear /90-96 (04466-22090)
Location Rear Axle
Material Semi Metallic
Toyota fitment
Cressida Rear 1990-1996
Width 1(mm) 125.4
Height 1(mm) 42.4
Thickness 1 (mm) 14.7
Weight(Kgs) 0.905

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