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Return Policy

UKE's Returns Policy

Returns Policy

Although we make sure about the parts fittings and models with customer before finalizing the orders but still if any mistake made by UKE Store, we take full responsibility of replace or refund without any extra shipping charges but the customer may have to pay the difference of the bill. In case of wrong order made by customer, we offer replacement within 7 days of receiving. The differences of bills need to pay in advance to receive the replaced part. Also the replacement will be approved only after receiving the part in physically good and unused condition only.

The shipping charges of return ship will also be added to customer revised bill.  

For more information, email support email or our help center call/chat-  +966539206665.

About UKE

We’re a Leading auto parts brand that sells our products across the country via more than 500 retail shop partners and distributors and we also offer online sale services via our website, android and ios apps, that helps automobile ecommerce businesses be more successful online. We do this by offering nationwide fulfillment combined with technology that helps automate and simplify the order fulfillment process.